Saturday, February 11, 2012

a Questionnaire of Life

Friend like a chocolate n_<

"niga neomu bogo sipeo" now is my turn to make a questionnaire of life … answer the question sincerely, faithful and loyal okay … enjoy the questions below : (>_o)

1. First expression when first time you saw me, and when? * Year *
2. My behave that you very unlike? * Just sincere okay *
3. If you’re my friend, try to describe my attitude completely! * Like exam question *
4. Give 4 reasons why you like to be my friend? * Just answer *
5. "I want to change my school" What are you feel? * Nothing *
6. List 5 food that you like most? * Lazy girl *
7. What are your ambition? * Child question *
8. Something that you want to achieve in your life! * Dream *
9. Characteristic that will have in your future husband? * Getting married *
10. What are you feel when someone that you like was hang out with a beautiful or your friend? *Ridiculuos*

WARNING!You have been tag by me :)

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