Tuesday, February 21, 2012

miles apart

side by side or miles apart ... friends are forever close with my heart !! ♥ I don't know why i feel that I will loss of you ... eventhought you're neither mine nor specia one but you are my friend right ... huh what I'm talking about ? everyday and day and day go on and leave me behind ... I tried to run awa from you but I can't ... my heart said to wait for you and must wait for you forever ... I can't to tell anyone about this because only me and myself can feel what I'm feel ... I'm like a lost girl in a small world that full of tragic story ... please understand my feeling that very extremely  miss somebody in my life ... 

If there a chance to turn back the time when very first time I met you ... huh a sweet moment that I couldn't forget forever ... If you never know that I like you, all this will never happen right ? :"( you make me happy when I could not to happy ... you make me smile when I could not to smile .. you're my everything but very impossible right to be yours .. ! It's okay because tradition for me to live alone ... I will hoping on you now and never be started again ... sorry to say if only me obses about you .. . hehe :)

FRIEND like a shadow for other FRIEND ... so I want to be your SHADOW because I can follow where you go as long there is a LIGHT to shiny your LIVE ... and I will take GOOD care of you 

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