Saturday, June 16, 2012

Meaning of the day

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It's look great and delicious. Can I have that. Oh no. This is just for you. Who? Of course for you my dear. Happy Birthday Siti Fatimah. May Allah bless you always. If there have a chance to be together again. I will. But 'time' always make us separate. 

Opps. Lari tajuk pulak. Actually I'm here just for announce at all of you that

 --> Today is my 17th birthday <-- 

just illustration

I want a gift. Not only one. But all that have around the world. That's FRIEND. Like they say
Friends is a gift you give yourself. 
Am I right. Hoho :]

And you know what
 Today 17 June 2012
Not just my birthday 
But today
All day falls on today
WHY ! 
Just silent but proud to scroll down
Jeng jeng jeng

1. My Birthday

2.Isra' Mikraj

3. Father's Day

May God give me guidance in leading for a better life 

I love Allah
I love my mom and dad
I love my family
I love my bestie
I love my live
I love everything that I have including you

Hope that tomorrow is better than today. I want a shine that can light up my life. Begin a new story for a new year for me. Give me a strength to move and survive in study. And also for my future. 
> I will change myself to be better. So I can change my future for more better <


Good night all. I will miss this moment. Greeting sincere and affection from birthday girl. bye :]

p/s : It's difficult to found
 three meaning day in 
 our life. Right ?

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