Saturday, January 7, 2012

=> 2012 <=

ook 2012 memberi sejuta satu makna dan moment that will be create this year ... SPM is just around the corner *5th Novenber 2012* ... oh noooo !!!! how can I achieve a flying colour in my exam ... what ?! oh exactly study, study and study right... reduce the time for INTERNET and TELEVISION ... focus to your study ye kechix ... don't play with your life ... it's your future !!!
you must create a wonderfull moment in your life with 10A's in your hand
it's not imposible if you study smart and always focus in class ... proof that you can be an SUPERB ACCOUNTANT or PHYSIC NUCLEAR one day ... so, consistency in study perlu ada jika hendak berjaya ...

ook continue next week maybe ... haha bye

p/s : english is very 'superb' speeking :P


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